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Mobile Phone info for Crete/Greece   updated 26 Sept 2013
I made some notes on mobile phone networks in Crete / Greece and some tips on how to get the best voice and data service at reasonable costs.  I use both WIND and Vodafone GR.

All networks in Greece now offer some kind of bundle to provide free calls between phones on the same network, so it makes a lot of sense to choose a network which will be used by family and friends.


Please note that options and services change and we cannot guarantee anything.  You need to check with the mobile network operators.  I will update this further when I get time.


Vodafone GR


Vodafone is very well established in Greece and it seems to be a popular choice.  The voice service has always been reliable and continues to be so.  Their latest prepay programme is “CU” and there are various bundles and bonuses associated with this.


The Vodafone GR mobile data service seems to have good coverage now and good speed with 3G and HPA.  Of course Vodafone SIMs from other countries can roam on the Vodafone GR network but the cost can be high.


Currently, if you top up by 10 euros you get 2 hours of calls to all Vodafone GR numbers for free.  With a 20 euro top-up you get 4 hours to Vodafone numbers plus 60 MB data for free.

I recommend taking the “surf and email 100” bundle for 500 MB of data for 5 euros.  This is currently a special offer (Sept 2013) and is normally only 100 MB.  The offer has been running for some time. 

You can connect your laptop to mobile phone and use as a modem or mobile hotspot.


Some useful numbers for Vodafone GR Pre-Pay  “CU” :


1252 – dial this for the recharge (top-up) menu plus information on remaining balance, SMS and remaining MB data

1 – Remaining credit in minutes, SMS and Megabytes

                1 –  for bonus, bundles and offers you currently have available and their expiry date

                2 – for more information on your balance (includes date of last topup, expiry date etc)

2 – TopUp Menu (to top up with scratch card etc)


* Change language between Greek and English

# Return to main menu


1286 – dial this for CU bundles and offers menu.  The * key can change language at any time

With the just surf bonus you win megabytes and you keep your topup amount in your balance to use as you wish

                1 – To find out what you win upon every topup  you perform   

                                1.. Find out more about the Just Surf bonus

1.. activate just surf bonus  -   you get 250mb with 10e topup   500mb with 20e

2..  Find out more about the bonus talk to Vodafone for free programme


                2 – Voice or SMS bundles

  1. Monthly Talk to Cyprus bundle

  2. Monthly Talk to UK for 70 minutes 5 euros

  3. Monthly talk to Netherlands bundle

3 – Internet bundles for data

                1 – surf & email 60 :  gives 120 MB for 3 euros for 1 month

                2 – surf & email 100 :  gives 500 MB for 5 euros for 1 month (special offer July)

4 – Vodafone finder service (allows you to enter a mobile number to check if it is with Vodafone. Free service)





WIND gained popularity in recent years.  In East Crete it brought EDGE data service which is faster than GPRS but not as fast as 3G/HSPA.  In other areas there is a good 3G/HSPA service.

The pre-pay service is “Free To Go” or F2G for short and the SIM card is free of charge.

There is now an online service which includes English language and I recommend setting this up as there are some bonuses for bundles added online.  Go to register here :


Some useful numbers for WIND F2G Pre-Pay :


1268 – dial this for the top-up menu plus information on remaining balance, SMS and remaining MB data

                Press 3 for English – “welcome to Wind Airtime Reloading Service”

1 – Reload Account Balance

Balance information service.  Gives current balance in euros and then allows you to enter a recharge, entering the 16 digit code from a scratch card.  After a recharge, the new balance is read out (NB : VAT is taken off the recharge amount), and an SMS will be received.

2         – Wind SOS customer service


1265 - dial this for Wind Non-Stop  bonuses and bundles

                Press 2 for English

  1. Bundle offering 200 minutes to all national networks at 5 euros for 30 days.

  2. Balance info all the activated F2G bundles (free minutes, SMS etc)

  3. In order to select the non-stop options that suit you best :

  4. 1.. for 600 voice and video call minutes and 600 sms to all Wind and Q at 7 euros

  5. 2.. for 600 voice and video call minutes and 600 sms to all Wind and Q and 150 minutes to all fixed destinations at 8.50 euros

  6. 3.. for 600 voice and video call minutes and 600 sms to all Wind and Q at 5 euros

3. For SMS options

4. 120 minutes all fixed destinations in Greece at 5 euros for 30 days

5. Mobile internet options

1.. 500 mb for 5 euros

2.. 600 voice/video minutes,  600 SMS and 300 mb for 8.5 euros


Online benefits with WIND F2G :


Subscription bonus 300 free minutes

Not yet enrolled for the bonus scheme with top-up? - Now all F2G subscribers can communicate for free with WIND, Vodafone, Cosmote and all landlines in Greece, with top-up of €10 or more! And the value of your scratch card remains intact, so they can use it any way they like! Enrol now for free, by clicking hereor by calling 1300!


Bundles :    see :


Unlimited Surf

For only 5 euros you get 500 MB of data plus an online bonus of 500 MB, giving you 1 GB data for 30 days duration.


Free calls to UK/France/Germany

For only 7 euros you can have 90 minutes of calls to UK, France & Germany for 30 days.  There is an online bonus of 100 more minutes to all WIND & Q numbers, also for 30 days.