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My favourite board is still the Tabou Rocket 61 (105 litres) and I have the 2008 model (previously I had the original 2005 model). I've sailed it at 36.7 knots and yet it copes comfortably with rough sea, also gybes very smoothly and works with sails from 4m to 6.3m. A really amazing board !
In UK I also have a Tabou Pocket Wave 85 and 2011 Tabou Manta 110 slalom board plus a Fanatic Falcon 124 litre slalom boards. In Kouremenos I keep a JP Slalom 114.
Favourite sails are North Warp (6.3) and Ram (5.7 & 5.4), Maui TR4 (7m), Maui TR2 (5.5 and 6.3) and Gaastra Manic and Poison wave sails.  Last year I tested the Vandal Enemy and it was excellent - highly recommended.
The Tabou & Fanatic boards and Gaastra & Vandal sails are from my sponsor in Fawley, Hampshire. Bob Allinson (Proprietor) - Stu Rose (Manager) tel: 02380 894583