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News 2009
28 October 2009 : Back in UK now. Very good windsurfing at Lepe in Hampshire last Sunday : 5m sail on Tabou Rocket 105.
19 October 2009 : We had a good 2 weeks in Kouremenos in October and the weather was warm and sunny apart from 2 cloudy/showery days. The first week was windy and the second week light. We had a few good mountain bike rides including a climb up to Xerolimni wind farm at 450m. We made some progress on the house. Still a lot to do.
A local provides security while I pack up our equipment. 
Big bike ride up to Xerolimni wind farm from sea level to 450m
10 October 2009 : In Kouremenos. Main objective is to work on the house to prepare it for the winter so we are very busy with that. It was windy for the first 2 days with great 5m sail conditions. The next day was good with 7m sail. Very light wind for next couple of days and more wind expected mid-week.
Freak-Surf is now closed for the season and all board and sails are for sale (contact info for Hannes is on "Windsurf Centre" tab.
17 October 2009: Arrived for another 2 weeks in Kouremenos. First day very windy !
26 August 2009: We had a very good 2 weeks in Kouremenos. The wind was strong on most days and the 5m sail was used the most. Also some good days with 5.5m and 4m sails.
12 August 2009: Arrived for another 2 weeks in Kouremenos. Very good wind ...
Good logo exposure on Fanatic skate
26 June 2009: Had another 2 weeks in Kouremenos Excellent wind for most of the trip with 3 light wind days to do mountain-biking
DC with 5m sail
Freestyle competition - June 09
17 May 2009: We had 2 weeks in Kouremenos at the end of April and I had some great windsurfing with 5.5m and 6.3m sails. We also had some excellent mountain bike rides and some good runs. Apart from 2 days rain, the weather was really good.
Next trip will be in mid-June.
me with 5.5m sail
29 April 09 : Giovanni with 5.7m
26 April 09 : 20km bike ride over the mountains with Gula