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Kouremenos Beach

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News 2010
30 October 2010: We had a week in Kouremenos this month. There were some good days with SW wind but no time to windsurf. However, we did a couple of 8k runs and a 20k bike ride. It was another great season in Kouremenos in 2010.
View of Kouremenos from near Toplou wind farm Oct 2010
June 2010
We were there for 3 weeks in June. Most days were windy, especially in the mornings, often with 5m and 5.5m sails plus a few sessions with 7m sail. We had a lot to do on the house whilst there and were busy organising things for that. The inside and outside walls are now painted and solar heating system is installed. We managed to fit in some excellent windsurfing anyway.
13 June 2010 : in Kouremenos. There was a Freak Surf Freestyle competition, just for fun. Hannes & Giovanni provided some good entertainment.
11 June 2010 : in Kouremenos. Light wind on the first day but we have a lot to do on the house while we are here. However, yesterday and today were windy and I went out with 5m and 5.5m sails.
DC with 5.5m sail in Kouremenos : June 2010 
08 April 2010 :  Very nice weather in Easter week with plenty of sunshine and some windy days. Did 2 hours with a 5.9 sail and that was very good. Also did a couple of good bike rides over the mountains. However, very busy on urgent things related to house.
Mikhalis (local) fully powered up with 4.5 in classic Kouremenos conditions 06 April 2010