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Kouremenos Beach

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News 2012
2012 was a great year with many happy days windsurfing, walking, mountain-biking, working on the house and enjoying sea and sand.
23 September 2012 :   
The wind is back !  Yesterday was 5m sail weather and today I was out on the Fanatic Falcom slalom board with 6.3 sail, really flying and having a great time.  At times the sail was a bit big but I was very happy.  Apart from the last week with very light wind, it has been windy all summer.     
with Tabou Rocket 105 and 4.5m sail at Kouremenos Sept 2012
14 September 2012 :
Finally : a day with very light wind ! Super weather for a bike ride in the mountains followed by swimming in the sea and enjoying the sandy beach
09 September 2012 :
The sunshine and strong wind continues. Excellent windsurfing with 4.5m sail yesterday !
01 July 2012 : The wind is still blowing !
Strong wind continues. 14 days non-stop, mainly 4.5m sail weather in June, occasionally 4m or 5m. Also a great day with 5.8m. Blazing sun and blue sky to go with it. Paradise ......
16 June 2012 : The wind is back !
Strong wind yesterday : starting with 5m sail and changing down to 4.5m. It carried on blowing all night and id strong this morning at :
Wind : 16 June 07:30 W 17 - 24 knots, 25c
The weather has been red hot this week with blazing sun and cloudless blue skies, but very light wind.
Olive Oil
Our olive trees did very well last year and produced plenty of top quality extra virgin olive oil.
Let us know if you wish to buy any as we can supply in 1 litre containers.
04 May 2012
We spent some time in Kouremenos in April and had fantastic weather, hot and sunny most days.
Some windsurfing and some great bike rides in the surrounding mountains.
Photos from bike ride :
Wind turbines at Xerolimni
Still some snow in the mountains in late April !
Sitia town and airport from disused radar station near Kryoneri
Church at Kryoneri
03 January 2012
We stayed in Kouremenos over Christmas and New Year and enjoyed celebrating with our good friends there.  We are looking forward to our next trips this year and some more epic windsurfing and mountain-biking.