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News 2013
2013 started well with excellent production of olive oil from our trees.  The quality of the oil is exceptional. It is cold-pressed in the traditional way in the nearby village of Palaikastro.  
20 December 2013 - updated
December was split between calm, sunny, warm and peaceful days and other days with howling force 9-10 gales and heavy rain showers.  Overall, it was good though.  There has been a shortage of rain all year and December was drier than usual. 
updated 12 December 2013
Very strong winds this week, force 9 !  Huge waves in the bay and even bigger on the north coast and out to sea.
The first week of December was very nice though, sunny and just a steady wind.  This year has been quite dry with very little rain. 
Strong gales and big waves !  (Dec 2014)
26 Sept 2013 - 07:00 Thursday
Well, the wind came back for 3 days and then went again !  Today is calm, same as yesterday
Sunday was very good.  Monday was crazy strong wind and rough sea.  Tuesday was very nice with 7m sail on Falcon slalom board.
We are still very busy working on the house and made good progress.  Yesterday we sneaked off in the afternoon for a bike ride up to Toplou monastery and back cross-country on rough tracks.
18 Sept 2013 - 07:00 Wednesday
Good windsurfing on Saturday morning Falcon slalom board with 7m sail, then light wind since then.
We have been busy working on the house and painted the top floor walls as planned with the help of a very good guy from the village.
We saw a few people windsurfing from Freak Surf with big sails (7.2m and 7.7m) and of course it was great for beginners.  Hannes at Freak Surf has a very wide range of equipment to suit all levels and all conditions.
The local people with fishing boats have been very happy too and I see them go out in the boats at dawn.
another spectacular sunrise .....
Wednesday 11 Sept 2013 - 07:00
A good windsurfing session yesterday in the lighter NW wind on the Fanatic Falcon slalom board with 7m sail.
Monday had been crazy again with strong northerly wind and waves tumbling on the beach.  Again, Hannes closed Freaksurf as the rescue boat could not have been launched in those conditions. It's very unusual ....
Truly excellent windsurfing on Sunday.  I was on the Tabou Rocket 105 and changed between 5.8m and 5m sails.  Classic Kouremenos conditions with the NW wind and fairly flat water for high-speed blasting.
Temperature remains around 28c during the day but comfortable in the breeze.
Friday 06 Sept 2013 - 07:00
It's been a great summer and the sun and wind continues. Rough sea yesterday as the wind had swung round to the north. Today looks calmer.  It is a joy to watch the sun rise over the harbour each morning :)
Christos in mid-loop (taken from our balcony yesterday)
22 June 2013 : 
Super windsurfing yesterday with 5m Gaastra Manic sail on the Rocket 105. Actually, most people were using 4.5m so I was really flying.  It's been good all week and the wind is still blowing this morning. It's been warm with temp up to 32c but quite comfortable with the breeze here. The sunshine has been unbroken.
Me at speed in the bay on 22 June 2013 (from our balcony)
16 June 2013 : 
Sure enough, the wind was excellent yesterday and I had a great time with 5m sail on the Rocket 105.  Our family guests had a good day on the beach and swimming at the top end where it is sheltered.  The wind has been blowing all night so it should be another good day.  There is now another windsurf centre on the beach with brand new Fanatic/North equipment run by a young guy from Athens called Christos.
windsurfers in the bay 15 June 2013 (from our balcony)

15 June 2013 : 
The wind seems to have come back this morning !  The forecast is for good wind in the next week.
There was no wind for two days, but that was good for cutting the scrub under the olive trees and repairing the irrigation pipes.  That's all done now and we ran the water for 4 hours.  Whilst fixing the pipes I met 3 snakes :  two disappeared rapidly into bushes and one was lying sunbathing in a small clearing.  They appear to be "Balkan Whip Snakes". These are not venomous and tend to mind their own business in the fields.  Actually, none of the snakes in Crete are dangerous.  There seem to be a lot of mice in the olive groves and they eat into the olive-tree water pipes when they get thirsty, so are a bit of a problem.  The snakes consider them a good snack, so we leave them all in peace.
09 June 2013 : 
Perfect weather in East Crete : sunny, blue sky with temp in high 20s
Excellent windsurfing yesterday, first with 5m sail on Tabou Rocket and later with 6.3m sail on Fanatic Falcon slalom board.  

10th May 2013 
It was fantastic weather in East Crete this April/May : sunny, blue sky with temp mid to high 20s
Super windsurfing this week on Wednesday (with 5m)  and Thursday (with 4.5m) with strong wind all day. It was 27c yesterday, so very nice.  Sailing now in just shorts and neoprene top.

A typical reading on our weather station on the roof, the sky was totally clear blue

28th April 2013  -    Escape from the British weather !
Fantastic weather in East Crete in April : sunny, blue sky with temperature in the mid 20s
No wind at all today, so ideal for getting jobs done on the house and enjoying the hot sun.
- Windsurfing : Very nice windsurfing in the bay on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons with 7m sail on my Fanatic Falcom 104 slalom board. Great windsurfing last Monday with 5m sail and Tabou Rocket 105
- Mountain biking :  Excellent bike ride on Tuesday up to Toplou Monastery and back via the wind farm and rocky tracks.  The tracks can be tricky to follow, let me know if you need guidance.
- Walking & Lazing :  the rest of the time it has been light wind and perfect for people who are walking and sitting out in the sun.
- Olive Oil :  we have top quality extra virgin olive oil available in any quantity. 
Kouremenos Beach April 2013
February 2013
Today, the bees were out in force, in among the flowers and wild thyme. There is a large group of bee-hives nearby.
The local honey is the best I have ever tasted in my life !  It really is amazing .....
There are thousands of yellow flowers around the olive trees.
when the sun shines, they open, when it's cloudy, they close againundefined
not sure exactly what this tree is but it produces some kind of fruit / nuts
very nice blossom anyway !   Maybe Almond ?
and the bees like it ....
a couple of different sunrises from our balcony

quiet beach in February