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News 2015
19 September 2015
The great weather has continued through September.  It never dropped below 26c even at night, and apart from a few days at 35c, it's mainly been around 30c.  The sea is warm too.
The wind finally dropped today after a long spell of windy days. The sail sizes have varied from 7m down to 5.2m.  Last week was especially good and mainly 5.8m to 6.3m weather. It's been great for beginners too with smaller sails.
DC with Fanatic Falcon 104 and 6.3m sail - Sept 2015
DC with Fanatic Falcon 104 and 5.8m sail - Sept 2015
DC with Tabou Rocket 105 and 5.8m sail - Sept 2015
31 August 2015
Very nice weather with cloudless blue sky and warm blue sea ! It's around 30c in the daytime, kept comfortable with the wind.  Following an unusual spell of light wind in August, the wind came back strong and the last week of August has been excellent for windsurfing !
DC with Fanatic Falcon 104 and 5.8m sail
DC with Tabou Rocket 105 (2014) and 5.8m sail
DC with Tabou Rocket 105 and 4.5m sail
Leo from "Gone Surfing Crete"
View when the wind drops
Typical wind forecast showing how our north-east tip of Crete catches the wind e.g. force 6 on 30 August. The wind is further accelerated by thermal effect
05 July 2015
The weather is very nice with temperatures in the high 20s during the day.  It feels comfortable because of the wind. After a light-wind day on the 1st July, the wind has been blowing strong, keeping all the advanced windsurfers happy.  According to forecasts (see links below), this should continue for a couple of days before the wind drops a bit, making the beginners happy.
The windsurf centres "Gone Surfing Crete" and "Freak Surf" are both fully operational with the latest 2015 boards and sails.
1) British Airways and now Aegean Airlines have direct flights from Gatwick to Heraklion (as well as several other airlines)
2) M car / Car Rental Crete can have a car waiting for you at Heraklion airport
3) Nikos & Katerina have apartments with some availability over the next weeks at Kouremenos Beach & Rousolakos
4) The pound is strong against the Euro, but bring some cash with you
[Two of the many windsurfers enjoying Kouremenos Bay - July 2015]
09 May 2015
The weather in May has been very nice with temperature peaking at 30c this week, but mostly in the comfortable mid-twenties. The air is very fresh and clear, so it's a good time to visit this area.
There has been good wind for May with some great days windsurfing.  In the last 2 days the wind has been very strong !  However, there have been some calm days too, good for working in the olive grove and for relaxing !  The windsurf centre "Gone Surfing Crete" is already open and "Freak Surf" should open soon.
1) British Airways now has direct flights from Gatwick to Heraklion (and several other airlines)
2) M car / Car Rental Crete can have a car waiting for you at Heraklion airport
3) Nikos & Katerina have apartments available at Kouremenos Beach & Rousolakos
4) The pound is strong against the Euro ... so, what are you waiting for ?
[Kouremenos sunrise - May 2015]
[author windsurfing in the bay - May 2015]
18 March 2015 - updated : more photos in "News 2015"
The weather in 2015 has been an interesting mixture.  It started with cold weather and even some snow (unusual !). There were some gale-force winds and waves which nicely washed the beaches.  Then the weather settled into a calm and peaceful pattern with the usual February carpets of yellow flowers and bees visiting the almond blossom.  We look forward to another great year of windsurfing, cycling & walking !
Our new Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in both UK and Crete, ready for you to taste !!  
We have kept the price at £9.50 per litre or £5 per half-litre even though costs had risen.
In December, our olives were picked and taken immediately to the local olive press in the village and we watched the olives transformed into
oil. Now the oil has settled, it is clear with a perfect golden-green colour. (Small sample bottle below).  Use "Contact Us" to order, or for more information.
- click on OLIVE OIL tab to see the whole process !
This is very high quality oil, made only from local olives and cold-pressed solely by mechanical means.  The acidity is very low : a measure of olive oil quality. The oil from our region won several awards.
26 February 2015
The weather has been a mixture of fine, sunny days and, gale force winds and some unusually cold weather, even some snow !  There has been quite a lot of rain this month, but that is very good for the water-supply, olive trees, vineyards and vegetables growing in this rich, agricultural area.
Very nice weather yesterday and today, more like we usually get in February.  The carpets of yellow flowers and the almond blossom arrived
[A different sunrise every day !]
[Olive trees need to be pruned every 5 years in order to stimulate fresh
and allow the sun to reach the heart of the tree. February is the
best time for this
and it's surprising how quickly the fresh shoots appear.]
[Toplou monastery -  a favourite bike ride]
[Profitis Ilias (Elijah's) church -  with icon above]
[Sitia airport in middle-distance]
[Sitia from Toplou road]
[Plenty of animals by the road to Toplou monastery !]
[The beach was nicely washed by the storms in early February !]
[A bridge not quite far enough - but OK now]
[Some wild weather in early February 2015]
[Palaikastro Carnival - Feb 2015 - great people, great fun !]