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News 2017

14 September 2017
The wind is back.    Gone Surfin' .... Gone Fishin'

12 September 2017

Great windsurfing in Aug/Sep 2017 :-

The olives are growing well in September

29 August 2017
It's been a very good summer in Kouremenos with great windsurfing. Strong wind continues through August. 
Temperature is good, around 28c  The olives are growing well and there look to be more than last year !

September is a great time for a holiday, with direct flights continuing well into October.
 Our friends Nikos & Katerina extended one of their rental apartments to make it 2 bedrooms : ideal for families !  The Rousolakos apartments were recently refurbished too. Car hire is easy to arrange for arrival in Heraklion with MCar / Kafetzakis who have excellent cars, fully insured, very good prices and perfect service.  Let us know if we can help.

12 March 2017
The weather in February and early March was very nice and there has been more rain this winter than there was last winter.  With the moist soil, the strong sun brought out millions of the small yellow flowers, especially between the olive trees.  The bees are enjoying the almond blossom too and the Cretan honey is as good as ever.  After some more rain in early March, we are hoping for a good olive harvest this year.
The new extra-virgin olive oil is now available in UK !  The olives were picked and pressed in December.