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Kouremenos Beach

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Kouremenos Beach, near Palaikastro, East Crete, Greece,  Windsurfing

14 September 2017  -  Updated
The wind is back ! After strong wind continuing through August into September, there were a few days without wind (good to enjoy other activities).  It's been feeling hot at around 30c.
It's been a very good summer in Kouremenos with great windsurfing. The olives are growing well and there look to be more than last year !

Tired of UK weather and want some sunshine ?  September/early October is a great time for a holiday, with direct flights continuing well into October.
 Our friends Nikos & Katerina extended one of their rental apartments to make it 2 bedrooms : ideal for families.  The Rousolakos apartments were recently refurbished too. Car hire is easy to arrange for arrival in Heraklion with MCar / Kafetzakis who have excellent cars, fully insured, very good prices and perfect service.  Let us know if we can help.

Sept 2017

Olives Sept 2017

[example wind forecast showing how our north-east tip of Crete catches the wind which is further accelerated by thermal effect]


Some Extra Virgin Olive Oil is still available in UK, but not much left now until next year !!
Use "Contact Us" to order, or for more information.
- click on OLIVE OIL tab to see the whole process !
This is very high quality oil, made only from local olives and cold-pressed solely by mechanical means.  The acidity is very low : a measure of olive oil quality. The oil from our region won several awards
At "Windy Crete" we offer :
  • Advice and assistance with accommodation, travel, windsurfing, activities and local information in English or Russian language
  • Мы можем помочь вам найти жильё, предоставить вам информацию о поездке и как арендовать машину. Вы можете обращаться к нам на русском язык
  • Correcting your websites: a service to update your websites correctly with English and Russian, ensuring that all the spelling and grammar is 100% correct. We see many mistakes on local websites and can give you an advantage over others.
  • Website design and development using Microsoft Office 365 and other products.
  • Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil from the trees in Kouremenos/Palaikastro. We have 1 & 1/2 litre containers of oil available.
  • ULTRASUN sports sun protection, excellent for windsurfing !
  • Subscribe to a NEWSLETTER in "Contact Us"
  • Info on mobile phones in Crete for voice and internet

Weather links : Windguru:

Greece sailing forecast:
We recommend Kouremenos Beach apartments, owned and operated by our friend Nikos.
Book now to ensure availability as these are very popular !  There are tavernas within a short walk.
(see : Travel & Accommodation)
   is a VERY useful website for visitors to Crete. Carol is British and married to a Cretan, living in Crete for many years. She shares her huge knowledge and experience, very valuable for visitors and would-be residents.  Her book Living In Crete is also highly recommended.

Iráklion, GRC
Updated Monday, January 22, 2018 9:20 AM
Partly Sunny
Partly Sunny
15°CHigh: 17°C
Low: 11°C
Wind: 21 km/h kph
Humidity: 67%
Partly Sunny
16° / 11°
Mostly Cloudy
12° / 
11° / 
Mostly Cloudy
10° / 10°
MSN Weather

Rhodes, GRC
Updated Monday, January 22, 2018 9:50 AM
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
14°CHigh: 16°C
Low: 12°C
Wind: 9 km/h kph
Humidity: 88%
15° / 10°
13° / 
Mostly Cloudy
13° / 
12° / 
MSN Weather

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